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Bounce Types and Categories
The following is a description of the outbound message bounce types and categories reported to Hurricane Server plugins.

Type Category Description
Undeliverable Hard Your message encountered an error and was not delivered. Future messages to this recipient will fail. (i.e. user unknown, mailbox not found, etc.)
Soft Your message encountered an error and was not delivered. Future messages to this recipient may succeed. (i.e. mailbox full, account disabled, exceeds quota, out of disk space, relaying denied)
Blocked Challenge Your message was blocked and further action is necessary to deliver your message. Typically these bounces are sent from spam filters which have quarantined your message, but will deliver it if you follow the instructions in the bounce.
Spam Your message has been identified as spam and was blocked.
Virus Your message contained a virus and was blocked.
BlockedOther Your message was blocked for an unknown or general reason.
Informational Transient Your message encountered an error, but the error condition may be temporary and delivery attempts are still being made. (i.e. unable to connect to recipient's mail server)
Auto-reply The bounce is an auto-reply. (i.e. out of office, vacation)
Subscribe The bounce is a subscribe request. (i.e. someone wants to join a mailing list)
Unsubscribe The bounce is an unsubscribe request. (i.e. someone wants to be taken off of a mailing list)
Address Change The bounce is an address change notification.
Modified Your message was modified prior to delivery. (i.e. illegal attachment removed)
Delivered Your message was delivered. (i.e. delivery status notification reply from recipient's server indicating that your message was delivered)
Custom Custom Reserved for future use
Unknown Unknown The category of the bounce could not be determined.

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