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Unique Engagement Tracking Events

When Engagement Tracking is turned on for a server, the Engagement Tracking Report allows you to view how customers have interacted with messages.  The Engagement Tracking system is designed to keep track of every interaction including the number of opened messages, clicked links, and requests to unsubscribe. Our tracking technology is also set up to prevent caching.  This means that if a message is reopened multiple times, the Engagement Tracking report will show each individual event and there may be multiple interactions per message sent. 

To calculate the Open Rate, Click Rate, and Unsubscribe Rate we divide the the number of those events that occurred in the selected time frame by the number of messages sent. It is for this reason that percentage rates in the Engagement Tracking Report may sometimes be over 100% for messages with high rates of engagement. 

If you would like to view how many of your messages were opened at least once, you can on the Engagement Tracking Page select the “First Events Only” item in the drop-down “Options” menu. This will factor out any clicks, opens, or unsubscribe requests that occur more than once per message sent. 

Engagement Tracking Report Screenshot

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