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SocketLabs On-Demand Auto-BCC

SocketLabs On-Demand users can specify addresses that will receive a BCC of every email processing through a server. 

These messages count against your monthly plan allotment.  For example, when a single address is specified in the Auto-BCC list each injected message will result in 2 messages being counted against your monthly message allotment. 

For users sending a significant volume of email it is critical to understand that many inbound service providers limit the volume of mail able to be delivered to a single address.  This may impact our ability to efficiently deliver BCC messages to the specified address.  Please check with your inbound service provider to ensure that the quantity of mail that will be sent to the address is within acceptable limits.

SocketLabs reserves the right to remove any address from the Auto-BCC list at anytime.

Further questions about this feature should be directed to our Support Department at

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